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Weddings & Receptions
Westport Beach RV Park
& Campground
Westport Beach Wedding packages (covers 2 nights)
Group site choice of what is available.

We recommend G1 due to it's private location (no campers walking through it), Or G7 which is right next to beach

These 2 sites are the best for groups off 100 people or less.

G4 + T40 + T49 + T50 + T41 is best for groups of 100-200 people.

We include;

     - The Cottage
     - 1 RV site
     - 1 cabin

We provide a beach location with ropes and posts marking off beach and Ranger to take people and The Bride to the beach.

Package Prices are;

$2500 for first 50 people

$2850 for 50-100 people

$3400 for 100-150 people

$3750 for 150-200 people